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Since the change in Chubby's Management, we do not get any help for this site.

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Chubby's management...

For contact with Chubbys management you can email them directly via the making contact page, or write to them from here.:
Handshake Ltd
Holly House

Tel: 01457 819350
Fax: 01457 810052

Please mention ChubbysWorld when making contact with Handshake
Tour dates updated

The tour dates page has been updated again. It hasn't been updated for some time because we are sick at the amount of spam that is being sent to the old address, and are considering stopping the service altogether? These spammers are wankers that are ruining the use of email. We currently receive hundreds of emails a day offering us loans, the ability to chat with young teens, viagra, and lots of offers for penis enlargements - we're big enough already thank you, in fact currently we're currently trying to get a reduction on the NHS! :-)
Ring tone - Dolly Partons tits...

Here's the first of our ring tones. It has been designed for the Nokia range of phones. We've only tested it on the 3310 and 3330. A number in brackets means hold that number down when entering it into the composer. Please let us know what you think of it.

4 * 8 4 4 2 2 2 6 # * * (2) * 9 1 8 2
1 1 6 * * 8 (1) * 9 9 0 8 8 2 8 1 1 9
2 8 1 1 6 * * 8 (1) * 9 9 0 8 8 (2) 8
1 8 2 9 1 2 1 6 * * 8 4 9 9 4 8 6 # 8 6
# 6 # 9 6 # 6 # 5 8 (4) 9 1 * 1 1 1 8 (1) 9
5 * * 6 5 8 4 9 9 9
Budding Artist . . .

[Pix by steveo]

We get all sorts of things sent to us at ChubbysWorld, and here is one of the latest. When we asked who the budding artist was 'me' came the reply, so here is an artists impression of Chubby by 'me' :-)

Rogues Gallery
The new 'Rogues Gallery page is open - your pictures with the great man himself. Have a look here.
New Guest Book

If you are frequent visitor to our site, or have come here for the first time consider leaving a message in our guestbook so we know what you think of it. We have just made it bigger and brighter than before by writing our own!!! We have also moved it onto our own server as we found that we were getting too many errors from the guestbook service that we were previously using - not surprising really as they were using an NT server B-#
Jokebook now up and running :)

Okay, you've heard Chubby tell many jokes - now it's your turn to leave your favourite joke in our new Jokebook - we've even put the first one in for you!!

This is the first public tryout of our new script, please let us know if you have any problems with it.
Farts ??!! :))

Think you're brave enough? think you've a strong enough stomach? - have a play at our new Farts game :)
New Wallpaper for your PC . . .

We've added a whole new section to the ChubbysWorld site. Computer desktop enhancements - have a look here for some great looking wallpaper for your computer. You can use these backdrops if you've got Windows, Linux, Mac OS, RISC OS, or Be OS. As always let us know what you think of them
Chubby Interview . . .

[Interview graphic] Have a look here for the results of the great Chubby interview, where he answers your questions. This interview was later repeated in one of Chubbys tour brochures.
Chubby does Vegas . . .

[Chubby fruit machine] Chubby is getting everywhere these days, keep an eye out for this fruit machine !!.
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