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Wallpaper for your computer . . .

Here is a selection of wallpaper for your enjoyment. All images are 800 x 600 bitmaps and are 32k colours. If you use a computer that displays less colours such as 256 then they will not display as intended.

If you require the images in a different format, size, or resolution and are not sure how to convert the images then drop us a line at ChubbysWorld and we'll do it for you. Alternatively if you want a particular type of wallpaper or have an idea for one then drop us a line.

Note: If you have previously downloaded the original wallpaper you will find that rcb32k has now been renamed to chubby1. This is so that we may add further images in the future, and they'll be easier to find on your computer.

To download the files (in zip format) simply click on the image of your choice.

desktop of Chubby Chubby1 - 381K

desktop of Chubby Chubby2 - 314K

desktop of Chubby Chubby3 - 183K

desktop of Chubby Chubby4 - 40K
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