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Picture of a scrollChubbys Biography

Roy 'Chubby' Brown the self proclaimed 'crudest and rudest' comedian was born in the depressed steel-making town Grangetown. Middlesbrough and left home when he was 14. His father was a steelworker and his mother 'a typical housewife who washed, cleaned and went to bingo'. When his parents divorced it made the local paper it was so rare. "You used to live every day as if it was your last, I never saw a future beyond getting a job at the steelworks."

He lived rough until he found his first job followed by a stint in the Merchant Navy and then jobs as cook, waiter, van driver, hod carrier, scaffolder and steelworker. Music has always been one of his great loves so he started to play drums in the late fifties and joined a band playing the northern mens working clubs circuits. It slowly evolved into a musical comedy act as he realised that comedians got better pay and found that he could get the laughs.

His blue-period came to the fore after an appearance on Opportunity Knocks in the mid seventies where he came fourth to a spoon player. His manager George Forster suggested that he should go completely blue as there were so many clean comedians around struggling to make a living. At first he had difficulty with the swearing but now it is the swearing that the people come to expect. He is really poking fun at himself and male inadequacy, a third of his audience are women who can relate his act to the men in their lives. "I decided to go right over the top and be the rudest man in the country and I haven't looked back."

Roy has two sons who haven't followed in his footsteps, one is a roofing contractor and the other one owns an ice-cream van. He is very keen on family values and will not let his grandchildren see his videos, although he seldom worries if the family disapproves of his act. "I knew I'd written a good joke when the ex-wife didn't laugh." He uses swearing as part of his act when he's on stage but believes that there is a time and place for bad language. "I hate swearing in front of women and kids off the stage, I don't think there's any need for it. I try to keep my family values and if I hear someone effing and blinding in the street I give them a look."

He didn't let his late mother come to see the show but didn't want her to feel as though she was being neglected. One day as he was taking her home she turned and said "Son I'm proud of you." He was very surprised as she was never one to express her feelings. She died at six o'clock that day.

He has built his career on word of mouth and audio cassettes. For every person who has walked out in disgust, five more have come to his next performance. He's been threatened, and had beer poured over him, Alsatian dogs set on him and when he pushed a man off stage the police arrested him. He doesn't play the club circuit anymore concentrating on local theatre, civic halls etc. as he has built up the following. "I've been broke a few times, been on the verge of packing it in thousands of times but I've always kept going."

His act is frank and crude and has yet been compared to the Donald McGill seaside postcard style humour. "As soon as I put on the hat and goggles my whole persona changes, I always feel that I can get away with anything."

He plays on his northern working class roots and his jokes are created to calculate a common bond with his audience. He can begin his act with a digression about paying the phone bill. "The phone rang which was a surprise because I thought I had been cut off."

He works hard to keep his act topical and spend hours pouring through the papers every day as well as keeping up with television. He could be accused of being a woman hater but he loves women and says that in his act he's just saying what men want to say about womens bodies. He uses himself as a subject worth poking fun at "If you see a fat fella in goggles taking the piss out of himself, you've got a lot of jokes that you can use."

His live shows are rarely advertised, a simple poster outside is often enough to fill a venue. Punters are warned 'If easily offended, stay away' and on the doors doormen discourage people who look out of place.

He is a workaholic and only takes three weeks off a year. He always does a summer season in Blackpool and spends the rest of the year touring the whole country.

One of his singles 'Living next door to Alice (Who the f**k is Alice)' recorded with Smokie came out because Smokie used to play over in Ireland a lot and whenever they sang the main line, all the audience used to say "Who the f**k is Alice ?". Smokie decided to do a spoof of their own song and thought that Roy was ideal to join in. Unfortunately shortly after the song was recorded the lead singer, Alan Barton was killed in a car crash so the rest of the band and Roy agreed to donate all their royalties to Alan Bartons' first wife and they all went out of their way to appear on Top Of The Pops. "I'm the first bloke ever in the charts with a song with f**k in it."

He released another single in the winter of '96 called 'A rocking good Christmas' written by Ray Hedges who has written for Boyzone, Take That and PJ & Duncan.

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